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Hi All,

This seems like an easy question, but I have been unable to find a solution (maybe there is none). Basically, I want to use Pages instead of Word's Notebook Layout for taking notes. The one feature I particularly like in Word's Notebook Layout is when you press the tab button, instead on doing just an intent it does an intent with a bullet mark. Similarly, when you press tab again, it does a next level bullet point.

I realize in pages the tab should and must do just an intent for regular word processing. However, is there a relatively easy key stroke to put an intent with a bullet. That would make typing notes MUCH faster than needing to go to the menu each time...


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    You could apply a bullet style to the paragraphs & it will continue for succeeding paragraphs until you apply a different style. No tabbing necessary. In fact, tabbing shouldn't be done.

    You could always just type Option + 8 to get a bullet in most fonts.

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    How do I apply the bullet style to a paragraph? Do you mean just through the inspector?

    I ideally want to have some quick shortcut to add a bullet paragraph style. Your option + 8 is very good, however, when I hit return for another bullet it does not appear (thus it would be tedious to do this for every bullet).

    Where as with word, one must just hit tab to insert a bullet and return will do another bullet while another tab will indent one level of bullets. Do end the bullets you just need to hit delete twice...

    Any similarly easy shortcut (or way to customize keyboard shortcuts) for pages?
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    You apply a bullet style to a paragraph by opening up the Styles palette, then clicking on the bullet style.

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    It's perhaps time to learn that many infos are available in the Help and in the PDF User Guide.

    Look at page 118 of this one for instance (English version).

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE jeudi 7 février 2008 18:51:26)
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    just had the same problem myself. what you can do is set the paragraph to a bullet list my assigning it a hotkey in the styles draw - open the styles draw (view -> show styles draw) and click 'body bullet' - if you then click the triangle next to it, you can select a hotkey (F1 through to F8 i think) to it. works for me
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    Yes you can achieve the result by setting hot keys to the styles. I always assign multiple hot keys to many styles, and switching back and forth the styles have never been easier.