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My macbook is suffering from a non working fan.
- After the firmware upgrade it worked fine, but stopped working. I never really noticed until recently.
- smcFanControl cannot get the fan working (showing always 000rpm and 55 to 80 deg C)
- I have 2gb memory and have no overheat issues...until I run my new EyeTV hybrid which will make it shutdown.

Any suggestions to test the fan and it this is a hardware or software problem

Thanks in advance, Marty

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    Either way, I'll run the hardware test and then open it up to see if there is a loose connection or burned out fan...not sure how to test though
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    take it to the apple store or send it in if you find out the fans aren't working. they'll fix it if your computer is less than a year old or if you got an applecare plan.
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    Have you used the iStat pro widget, its free on the website, it monitors the fan well.
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    I installed smcFanControl, it shows 000 rpm and I cannot get fan to work
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    Unfortunately, its past warranty.

    I'm going to pop off the top and inspect the fan. try to reseat connection. If all else fails, i'll take to guru and get a quote to fix
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    I'd expect a dead fan on a Macbook to quickly lead to shutdowns from overheating.
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    mmockenn wrote:
    I installed smcFanControl, it shows 000 rpm and I cannot get fan to work

    If I were you, I would get an second opinion and try iStat Pro. On my MacBook it shows my fan speed as I write this at 1800 rpm (it varies a few rpm on either side of 1800.) This utility also reports several temperature reading from 35-50 degrees.

    As someone else wrote here, I would think your computer would either not run or shut down very quickly without the fan. At least that's been my experience on other computers that I've owned.
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    I took off the keyboard and checked the fan. Although only slightly dusty, something made it stick. A light push with the screwdriver and the fan was moving.

    I cleaned the fan as best I could(without removing it) and reassembled.

    smbFanControl now shows 1500+ RPM and cooler temps.

    As side note, the only reason I notice the fan was out was because of EyeTV hybrid would tax the processors enough to overheat and shutdown. For most useage, the processor stays about 150 deg F and is OK.