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The other day I mistakenly deleted RECENTLY ADDED from my iTunes playlist. Is there someway to restore it? I've done everything I can think of including completing uninstalling iTunes from my computer and reinstalling it. Still no RECENTLY ADDED reappears on my playlist. Sure this deletion can't be irreversible (I hope). Please help! I'll be very grateful.

P.S. - iTunes technical support could only refer me to you guys! Perhaps I
did't reach the right person there. Maybe I will here!

HP Pavillion 8210, Windows XP
  • Zevoneer Level 9 Level 9
    The default playlists but they are just Smart Playlists and you can recreate them. In iTunes go to File>New Smart Playlist

    Recently Added:

    Match the rule "Date Added">"is in the last">"1">"Days" make the days and the interval to suit yourself, you can have days, weeks or months.

    Check the box "Live Updating"
  • robert65 Level 1 Level 1
    ZEVONEER - I don't know to contact you in any other way so I'm trying this.
    you are an absolute genius. Your suggestion worked like a charm.
    I can't thank you enough! iTunes technical either wouldn't or
    couldn't solve my problem. You're the greatest. THANKS AGAIN!
    Of course I'm referring to my "How to Restore RECENTLY DELETED To
    My iTunes Playlist?" problem. If I ever get to Belfast I'll buy
    many pints of anything you like! Bob in Augusta, Georgia (home of
  • Zevoneer Level 9 Level 9
    You're very welcome, I'm glad that solved your problem. Take care.