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I got a VUDU box for Christmas and was somewhat disatisfied with it. Then I heard the Keynote at Macworld 2008 and immediately wanted Apple TV instead. Luckily I was still in my "30 day trial period" with VUDU. YIPPY! Called VUDU the very next day to return the box... Went out and bought a 160GB Apple TV and now I'm waiting patiently for the new update... I know it will be well worth it... Apple has this VOD thing down... VUDU has over 5,000 titles right now but I believe Apple will far surpass this in the future, plus you get all these other GREAT features with Apple TV that you don't get with VUDU... my point is, for all the people angry about the delay of the update... it will be well worth it and that Apple TV really is the best choice for this type of new technology. Just wanted to inform people with my experience in case people were wondering which one to get.

HP Pavilion dv9000, Windows Vista
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    Can you explain your dissatisfaction? I own a Vudu and I just can't see how the AppleTV is going to compare overall. AFAIK you will never see instant-on HD from the ATV, whereas Vudu has it now. The Vudu just dropped it's price so AFAIK the Vudu has more storage for the same price. Vudu has TV, they don't support podcasts, but it's been hinted at, so I'm not that concerned. Interface wise I think it's a toss-up between the two.

    I think Apple certainly has the marketing muscle in it's favor. But overall, Vudu has HD movies NOW, they play instantly, they're the same price, and the Vudu has tons more movies than the ATV.

    Now if you just wanted an ATV because you love Apple, then that's a different story. Some people just prefer particular brands. Nothing wrong with that at all. But overall I think the Vudu experience still tops the ATV at the moment.
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    paulrus wrote:
    AFAIK you will never see instant-on HD from the ATV, whereas Vudu has it now. The Vudu just >dropped it's price so AFAIK the Vudu has more storage for the same price.

    How does it get instant-on? It must have to download the movie, right?
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    Actually Apple TV has more storage than anything the VUDU box can ever have, because the VUDU box is limited to it's onboard storage where Apple TV you have unlimited storage with syncing and streaming to any computer... my internet runs at slightly below 2.0mbps so with VUDU I had to wait anyway even with SD... I really don't mind waiting... I know some people really do want that instant play... eventually I will upgrade my internet though... yah VUDU has SOME TV but does it have the enormous catalog of TV shows that Apple TV has? NOT EVEN CLOSE! Apple does it every time with iTunes... They did it with Music, they did it with TV, they'll far exceed anybody with movie offerings... just give it time. Apple TV's new interface I think will be better than VUDUs... and When we do get the update Apple TV will have 100 HD titles apposed to VUDUs 70...
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    oh and how could I forget!

    - I LOVE the fact that I'll be able to browse and buy music from my TV... that's pretty amazing to me...

    - VUDU is constantly using a portion of your bandwidth for the service... makes surfing the internet very slow... I didn't like this at all...
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    It downloads the first 30 seconds of every title available so every one can be viewed instantly, then it just streams it while you are viewing. You need a 4mbs connection for instant HD and a 2mbs connecttion for instant SD.
    It works extremely well.
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    Wow, I'm impressed..
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    vudu non-starters for me:
    - can't play my ripped DVDs on it
    - photos.. didn't think i would use this but when the relative came over on the holidays this got used big time better then all going to the office to look at pics or individually looking at photo albums
    - appleTV has unlimited storage since you can stream content. vudu is limited to 250GB.. they are coming out with a 1TB i think for $1000... i have 1.5TB for my appleTV and the HDDs only cost me $100 a piece for 500GB so that's a 1.54GB AppleTV for $600.. the equivalent 1TB appleTV set up would be half the cost of the 1T vudu box at $500
    - it doesn't even play your music library... pathetic! this means i need still need to buy an appleTV...
    - it's not iTunes compatible...

    but what i think Apple need to do is to make an Apple - TV.. i.e. and apple branded flat screen TV with an the AppleTV guts inside that would be awesome.. just tac on $200 to the price of the TV people would go for that... or even allow other manufactures to put appleTVs inside their TVs.
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    Well if they are ripped from copy protected DVDs(ie titles you buy) then they are illegal.
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    according to RIAA it is... this has never been tested in a court and they have had opportunities to test this and they haven't.. they are scared they won't win. they want everyone to have to buy their content twice one DVD and another electronic copy... i don't think it makes any kind of sense.. i bought the DVD i just want to play it off of my hard drive rather than off of the DVD so what's the problem... i don't even bother with my DVDs after i rip them... they go into albums that i store in a closet... DVDs get scrated and take up too much room to store and are a pain to use i.e. i have to get off my sofa to use them.. looking through hundreds of DVD cases to find something to watch??? no thanks! it's a crappy format.

    One exception Fox is the only one that's going to start including an electronic copy of the DVD with the retail DVD... smart... try playing that electronic copy on the Vudu machine.. you can't.

    look i feel it's fair use... i bought the DVD, i don't want to bother with DVDs anymore i just want to play the content that i paid for from a different source.. and i'm not even using the DVD at all.. i.e. i still only utilizing one copy of the thing