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This is my first iMAC and I have a linksys router with a USB connected external harddrive. How do I get my iMAC to see this harddrive as a usable space? All of my XP machines can map this drive with no problem, but I do not have the knowledge on what the steps to do this on an iMAC.

My iMAC is currently having no problem getting its IP address set on boot or seeing the internet. I also have successfully set up a network printer but this one alludes me. Please help.

P.S. Not sure if I should but I cannot see any of the XP machines on the network either, but then again I dont want to either.

iMAC, Mac OS 9.2.x
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    From the Finder toolbar click "Go" and then "Connect To Server" and input your IP address. Unless your drive supports AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) you will need to change the address to smb (Server Message Block) so it looks similar to the following without the quotes "smb://"

    Once you have accessed your external drive you can then right click (CMD-Click) the folder you want a shortcut to and click "Create Alias" (Apple calls shortcuts Aliases). You can then drag the new Alias anywhere you would like.

    Hope this answers your question.
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    Everything you said about smb: setup worked except when I enter the user name and password I get an "error code - 36" return and am not getting past that. Any ideas?