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I have been following the Finder Help guide to connect my G5 to my MacBook Pro. I found the four step guide under the query of "connecting computers". The first three steps are unambiguous: -
1, connect the cable.
2, Open Sharing preferences on both computers and turn on Personal File sharing. Note Computer name for the computers.
3, On one of the computers, choose Go> connect to server and then click Browse.

However 4 is not so clear: - Double click the other computer in the window and enter your password if necessary.

My questions are double click what and in which window?


G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hi, and a Warm Welcome to the Power Mac G5 Forum!

    The other Mac should be visible in the 'Connect to Server' window that opens after you click on Go > Connect to Server (and browse, if necessary).

    And you click on the other computer.

    Perhaps something is not set up correctly - or the 'Connect to Server' window is behind other windows - 'help' windows tend to stay on top.

    Good Luck.
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    Hi maclover,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I have just enough computer knowledge to be dangerous. I was not expecting such a speedy response, is nine minutes some sort of record? I think I have established the connection, thanks for that. Shoulder I be able to extract pictures etc from my G5 Aperture program to use in my MacBook Pro Keynote and/or Aperture program using this linkage?

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    Hi. Better come clean and say that I don't use this route for networking - the LAN here is via a router to Vista & XP... So I can't test your exact set-up.

    However, I think Apple are steering the User along a different path for a simple two-Mac, ethernet cable-connected 'network', which is inherently physically secure, to overcome the (deliberate) limitation of OS X that only the 'Public' folder is shared on a potentially 'open' network; see the Admin User-Connect to Server 'workaround' further down the page here


    Personally - on this LAN, with 10.4.11, I use(d - see note below) Sharepoints


    which enables the sharing of your choice of folders/drives - the User on the networked Mac does not have to be Admin - and then connect in Finder > Go > Network.

    Please post again if you have any questions. Good Luck.

    Note - Networking is somewhat "different" in 10.5
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    Hi again,

    Thanks, I will check out hornware. My MacBook Pro is 10.5.1 does this add to my problems?

    Regards T5G5
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    Hi. Sharepoints is not required in 10.5.1 - as folders and drives can be shared in System Preferences > Sharing. Hopefully, this does not add to your problems...
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    Hi Maclover,

    I have solved my problem by trying a different tack, thanks for your help.