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1. Can Airport extreme be added to an existing wireless network? I currently have, and working, a Linksys WAP54G to a DSL modem for internet. 2 Airport Express. One connected to a USB printer (working), the other Express connected to my home stereo for ITUNES (working). I just purchased a AEBS802.11n and want to connect it to my working network to support a USB harddrive. During setup AEBS 802.11n want to establish it own network. I want it to connect to my existing network. I use a Powerbook G4 and a Imac G5 to connect to my current network, both work.
2. I have a third Airport Express that I want to use to extend my current wireless network in my home. How do I do it?

Powerbook 15" Aluminum, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    1. Yes, the Airport Extreme can be added - via ethernet cable - to an existing network. You won't be able to set up a wireless connection between the WAP54G and the Airport Extreme Base Station - that is what the Airport Utility is trying to tell you! Unlike an Airport Express, an Airport Extreme Base Station cannot be configured to function as a wireless client on your WAP54G's wireless network.

    2. The third Airport Express can be configured - using the guidance provided by the Airport Utility - to "extend" the wireless network created by the Airport Extreme Base Station.

    My suggestions:
    1. cable the Airport Extreme N Base Station, via its WAN port, directly to your DSL modem
    2. configure the third Airport Express to "extend" the wireless network of the Airport Base Station. You will need to allow the Base Station to run in b/g compatibility mode.
    3. if you still want to keep the WAP54G, cable it to one of the LAN ports of the Airport Base Station.
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    My house is wired with CAT5. My DSL modem is connected via a 3COM dual speed switch that is connected to my CAT5. The WAP54G is connected to the CAT5 (ethernet) connection in my bedroom. What I understand is I can connect the Airport extreme to the CAT5 in another room or the 3COM switch directly and use it as a wired connection. How do I do this? How do I turn off the wireless part of Airport Extreme and then find it on the wired network to access the USB harddrive?
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    You have set things up as follows:
    - DSL modem to 3Com switch
    - WAP54G to 3Com switch
    - Airport Base Station to 3Com switch

    With this setup, all wireless devices connected via the WAP54G wireless access point will have public IP addresses. Why did you want all your computers to have a public IP address, rather than sharing a single public IP address using a wireless router instead of your WAP54G wireless access point?

    At any rate - yes, you could connect the Base Station's WAN port to your 3Com switch. You would have to enable sharing of the connected hard drive via its WAN port, and access the drive at the public IP address of the Base Station, from any of the wireless computers connected to your WAP54G. With such a setup you won't be able to access any printer connected to the Base Station from wireless clients on your WAP54G's wireless network - in order to print via the Base Station, your wireless computers would have to switch their wireless connection to the Base Station's wireless network.

    Perhaps you have good reasons for wanting the setup you have - but it is not the typical way a home LAN is configured. Furthermore, you are paying for all those public IP addresses that you really don't need if you were to create a private LAN behind a router (which uses up only one public IP address). Therefore, unless you really want the computers in your home to all have public IP addreses as they do now, I would replace your 3Com switch with an inexpensive wired router and then cable everything in your home off the ethernet switch built into that router.
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    The modem I use is for satellite internet is a Hughes 700NS. It acts as a firewall and assigns private IP address on my network. My IP address are not public it is 192.168.0.*. I currently have several XP machines wired to my CAT5 network with their own IP address. As well the two wireless mac machines have their own private IP address. Even the airport express have their own private IP addresses. All I want to do is add the extreme base station to my current network and use it to access a USB harddrive.

    So here is the config:
    Hughesnet 700NS modem to 3Com Switch
    Wap54g to 3com switch
    Mac machines wireless to WAP54G
    Exrtreme Base Station to??? for HD use
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    Perfect - in that case you are fine, since your satellite internet box provides the function of a router.

    Therefore (1) enable "bridge mode" on the Base Station (run the Airport Admin Utility, Manual setup, Internet button, this setting at the bottom of the window) (2) cable one of the Base Station's LAN ports to your home's existing ethernet cabling. As I pointed out before, you could also turn down the Base Station's transmitter power if you wish.