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I was just watching some videos on YouTube when my MacBook froze and I was forced to turn it off by pressing the Power button. But now, when I turn my my MacBook, the gray screen appears and a minute later a dark grey folder with a white question mark on it appears!!

I really have no idea what is wrong - I tried everything (including the Cntrl-Command-P-R buttons being pressed thing). I hope this won't end up being really expensive.. I have so much important stuff on my laptop too.

Please help me! I would really appreciate anything .. I'm desperate to revive my laptop!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    I have the exact same problem!!! I was playing WoW and suddenly the game said they had an unexpected error and had to close. The whole computer froze up and I finally pressed the button to shut it down. Well now it won't start up and I get the same white screen and then a picture of a file with a question mark on it. I am really freaking out and calling tech support is NO HELP! If anyone knows why this has happened please reply!
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    Looks like your hard drive was just shot, seems like a lot of these Seagates are shotty, so far hard drives with the 7.CAE revision aren't suffering from this. How old is your Macbook?
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    if you still have your software:
    -make sure your macbook is off
    -insert the installation disk 1 (as far in as it will go without force)
    -then turn on your mac book it will push out the disk thats when you know to push it back in
    -your computer will start once you see the logo your home free

    good luck
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    Put in your install disk and startup on that, which won't be difficult if the machine doesn't recognize its hard drive. In the top menus, you'll find Disk Utility. Run disk repair.

    The drive itself isn't fried, but an important index got toasted and now the drive can't find the bits of software needed to start up. It should be repairable using Disk Utility.

    Beyond that, there are expensive tools like Disk Warrior.