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My Iphone battery refuses to fully charge...it will stop at maybe 80% of the full battery life and the icon will display the plug icon instead of the charging icon. Is there a way I can fix this?

pc, Windows XP
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    It could be that you have a faulty battery, in which case, a replacement is in order. Or it could be that the battery indicator isn't showing the full charge, when in fact it has been fully charged. Some people have had problems with this since 1.1.3. Have you tried doing a full restore in iTunes, just to check it isn't a software glitch?
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    I have restored it twice already and I have the same problem each time. My battery seems to have a shorter use-span than usual as well...it runs flat on me after about 4 hours of video watching.

    And does the Iphone run especially hot while watching video? Cos mine does get uncomfortably warm.
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    People have noticed that the iPhone does get warm with extended video watching. Warm is okay. Too hot to touch would be a problem, and could be related to your initial problem, in which case, a replacement might be in order.

    See: http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html for more information on extending battery life. In particular, it is worth noting that you should close any apps properly by pressing on the home button for several seconds until the home screen appears, rather than navigating away from the app, which may leave some processes running in the background, which would consume battery life.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have the exact same problem! I've gone to the support site and no matter what settings I change my iPod will not fully charge (I even turn it off while charging)
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    If your iphone is not showing a full charge on the screen even after charging for several hours you should take it to apple and get it replaced. I had this same problem (also the usage meter would never activate or work) and apple gave me a new phone. No amount of restores or resets ever fixed it for me, just get it replaced and save youself the headache and constant worrying.