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My iPod touch keeps crashing them sometimes will reboot or I have to connect it to the computer to get it to turn back on. When it does crash the white apple logo comes on first. It does this at least once a week with increasing frequency. I tried sending it to Apple but of course in the time their workers checked the unit, it didn't crash so Apple promplty sent back the same touch. I have tried restoring the touch and have all the recent upgrades. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it stop?

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    I seem to have a similar issue, although I haven't tried connecting to the computer to re-start. I simply press home and power to reboot. Here is what happens:
    Since the latest update, my ipod touch 32gb has crashed occasionally.
    It seems to be triggered by a switch in wireless networks - it is working at work, I unplug and travel home, switch on at home and it will not switch on.
    If not the network then it is something to do with the power adaptor because I normally have it plugged in.

    I can stand the re-booting, although for the money I am severely disappointed with this product (I am a mac user since switching 3 years ago). It doesn't "just work". My other ipods (nano, video) do not do this, nor does my wife's 16gb ipod touch.

    Is anyone at Apple looking into this - it is reported all over the internet as well as here.

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