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I am a Vonage customer and my voicemail calls are emailed to me as voice-message.wav files that I can listen to. I know the iPhone is supposed to support wav files. When I click to play the wav attachment (with a quicktime logo) I get a message that "This movie could not be played" What's up with that?

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iBook 1.42GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.1), iPhone 8 GB 1.1.3
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    I am having the same trouble with voicemail emailed to me from Cablevision.

    Need a solution.

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    Worked on my Treo before switching to the iPhone and I don't want to go back...
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    I also, being a vonage customer, am experiencing the same problems... ANYONE out there have any advice? lol

    Pretty please
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    I am having the same issue as well.

    Swithed from the Treo on Verizon to iPhone.

    Was able to play .wav files received from CableVision Voicemail.

    Called Apple Support. Asked if they could forward to development as a bug fix. She stated she would make a notation in my account and speak with her supervisor. That's helpful. not.

    Does anyone know how to submit a bug fix to Apple?
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    iPhones have some huge media lapses. These phones - marvelous in many ways - will not play wav files, which are the way many phone messages are emailed from Vonage and other popular phone management systems. ALSO Flash Animation cannot be deciphered with the iPhone, eliminating communication with many useful and interesting websites. These media lapses MUST be addressed by future iPhone software upgrades or the iPhone will rapidly become less useful. I look forward to improvements SOON.
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    The iPhone does play wav files.

    As a test, I sent a small wav file as an email attachment to an email account that I access with the iPhone's Mail client.

    I have no problems playing the sound file.
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    This issue is with certain .wav files. Specifically with G.711 mu-law encoding. This encoding is a favorite for UM systems.

    Work around: convert it. There are few solutions. http://www.iphoneconvert.com will take a forwarded email, convert it to .mp4, email it back.

    Best of luck

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    The iPhone plays SOME .wav files. See the third party application note:
    < <a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://">http://www.kehlet.cx/articles/156.html>

    I encountered this problem when forwarding my AT&T home voicemail to my AT&T exclusive iPhone. The G.711 format is widely used in telephony and voicemail and is unfortunately not supported on the iPhone as of software 1.1.4.

    One workaround is setup an account at www.iphonecovert.com. They convert the file format to one that the iPhone can play and automatically send it back to the iPhone. You can then play external voicemail on the iPhone - message title is changed but caller ID info is in message body.

    Hopefully, Apple will add needed G.711 support in software 2.0 (July 2008) or a future update. This would eliminate the need for a file reformat / forwarding workaround.