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Can't get any outgoing emails to send with Entourage '04. I get an error that the sever can't be connected, and it times out. As a result I no longer have the capability to send outgoing mail from the program. BTW, Apple mail works just fine. But, I have way too much stuff tied into Entourage right now to even begin moving everything over to Mail. The problem started a few weeks ago, first on my MacBook Pro and now on my iMAC 20. Can't seem to find an answer anywhere to fix this. My ISP swears it is not on their end. My firewall is not blocking anything. I've scanned thru and tried multiple troubleshooting tips here on the Apple Support site, still no luck. Microsoft online support is useless! I'm in the Navy, on the road, and don't have the luxury of sifting thru tons of self-help sites - don't have the available bandwidth here on the ship either. I dont' want to go out and buy MS Office '08 and find the same issues with it. Has Apple done a patch or something recently to have caused this? MS won't talk to me without first getting my Credit Card number...THAT is a crock...but I'll leave that for a later discussion, maybe. Can someone PLEASE help me fix this mess? Thanks...

iMac 20" Desktop / MacBook Pro Laptop, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I have the same problem, but only when I am at my parents home in another state with a different service provider. For some reason, at certain locations I am not able to send using Entourage. I am able to do it in my town all the time and at multiple locations, even all of the wifi spots. This leads me to believe it is not Entourage or OS X directly, but something with the where I am accessing the internet from, i.e. my ISP. I know you said they insisted it was not there fault, but maybe they could not find a solution and passed the problem on. I have spent many hours searching discussion boards and have find many "answers", but I still do not have a solution. I installed office '08 and that did not help my problem just so you know.

    I really do not know what to do. I have the same grief about Microsoft's help and would be happy if I could somehow replace Office, but I cannot so I just have to eat it and continue to use their products.
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    I'm having the same problem in Entourage 08 (all was fine in Entourage 04) when I send emails with attachments larger than about 200-300k - even after I upgraded to 10.5.2.

    See my question and responses I've received so far:


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    Since Entoruage is not an Apple product, you may want to post your question on Microsoft's own forums for their Office Mac products, as they'd obviously be geared more toward your issue rather than an Apple forum that focuses on Apple's own Mail and Address Book:

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    I've gone to the Office/Entourage 08 Forum. But, I'm encountering the same problem of not being able to send emails with attachments larger than about 300k using various mail programs - including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Entourage. My ISP checks out all right on their end, and I'm seeing the similar kinds of "can't send email" discussions in this forum from other subscribers, so I begin to wonder if it's a Mac OS Leopard issue.