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Price doesn't bother me for a rapid secure backup...but free is always King
_Abridged version_:
Time machine is good at only updating files that need to be changed. CCC finds MBs of random files (.lprojs etcetera) and takes a long time to update my external. Will SuperDuper! act like TimeMachine giving me a bootable clone nice and fast like or do all of the CCC files really need updating?

_Unabridged version_:
Bootcamp can't partition my drive because some files on it are immovable. As you all probably know, its asking me to backup and recopy everything so it can partition, which is OK. I've been using Time Machine alone for quite some time now which has been great but I can't restore to its latest backup and I'd like this process to be as seamless as possible, which begs the question...SuperDuper vs CCC.

CCC being free I've used it for quite some time in the past but, if it has fully updated my external and I finish working on one single Text file and re-sync, it'll find MBs of other files that also need updating. Garageband .lproj files and the like. Time Machine on the other hand will just copy the one file that has been changed, but isn't immediately restorable from that period of time. Will SuperDuper! combine these two methods, copying only the actual files that need updating and allowing me to restore immediately if the need arose?

Sorry for the long-read, hopefully you saw the abridged version at the top and aren't upset at me.
Thanks in advance,

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    The free version of SuperDuper is equivalent to CCC. If you pay the $27 for the licensed version of SuperDuper, you can perform incremental backups (called "smart backups" by SuperDuper) that will back up only changed files to give you an updated, bootable clone. I use SuperDuper for my backups.

    Hope this helps...
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    Sounds good to me, my Birthday is the 28th so worse case...my parents will cover it.

    thanks man

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    CCC is simply a front-end to UNIX' rsync. It compares the file modification time stamps of the old and new files, and, if different, then compares chunks of the files (changing on the chunks that have changed). It should not arbitrarily update files -- if a file IS being updated, it implies that there must have been a change, even if you don't know what process changed it.

    I don't know if SuperDuper uses rsync to do it's dirty work or if it's a completely different approach. I would guess that it probably also uses rsync.

    Time Machine monitors a system log that records when changes are made to the contents of a directory. When it comes across entries that are prior to the most recent update Time Machine has made, it goes to that directory (many documents in OS X are actually directories of multiple files) and checks for files that have changed (skipping subdirectories because they would also appear in the directory content change log). Any files that are newer than the most recent copy are copied over in their entirety (not the changes, the whole file) to the Time Machine volume.

    Time Machine performs the backups constantly in the background based on the log of directories whose contents have changed, whereas CCC and SuperDuper do their backups on a regular schedule. Time Machine knows, from the log, which specific directories have experienced a change, whereas CCC and SuperDuper check everything on their predefined files and folders to check.

    SuperDuper is not going to give you a different result than CCC with regard to speed, etc. What it will do is provide you with a more flexible UI for specifying and scheduling backup jobs.
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    Thanks for that reply, my friend has a Mac Pro coming in today and is planning on using SuperDuper! for a bootable clone, I'll just wait for him to see how he feels it does the job. Added functionality per the demo is nice enough but based upon the idea that it won't be any faster than CCC, I'll probably wait it out.