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Here's the deal: I have a 10.5.2 Server that is bound to Active Directory and is also a Open Directory Master. This way I can take users and groups from Active Directory and put them into Open Directory groups so that I can create Wiki's for those groups.

Here's the problem: When I create an OD Group, like IT Department, I place all of the user accounts of those that belong to the IT Department from Active Directory into the Open Directory Group. I enable Web Services for that group such as Wiki and Blog. The group shows up on my Wiki pages. That part works great. However, it seems that when you use AD users (even though they are in OD groups) anywhere in Open Directory and set the Wiki to be only editable and viewable by people in that OD group via Workgroup Manager, the Wiki blissfully ignores this setting and allows any authenticated user to go into and edit and view anybody and everybody's Wiki groups page. The Wiki permissions only worked when I took OD users and placed them in an OD group and created a Wiki for that group with read/write and view permissions for only people belonging in that group.

My Question: Is there any way to get the Web/Wiki service to abide by the Wiki permission setting for an OD group that contains users from AD?



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