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I want to print two 5X7 photos on a single 8X11 sheet of photo paper. I followed the help page info:
+To print one photo multiple times on a single page+

+Select the photo you want to print.+

+Click the Print button.+

+Select the paper size (such as letter-size or legal-size).+

+Select the print size (such as 2 x 3 or 4 x 6).+

+If you want to make the photo a custom size, select Custom.+

+Click the Customize button.+

+Click the Settings button.+

+Select “Multiple of the same photo per page” from the Photos Per Page pop-up menu.+

+iPhoto will zoom and crop the photo to fit the space available. To make a photo appear full-frame, Control-click the photo and choose “Fit Photo to Frame Size” from the menu that appears.+

+Click OK.+

+Click Print.+
The problem is that if I select 5x7 as the size, then I choose multiple of the same photo per page, it will only display the photo one time. There is ample room to accomodate two 5x7 photos on an 8x11 sheet of paper, so why is this option not available.

If I reduce the size to 4x6, it will display the photo twice on the page, but even that is not acceptable, since the perimeter boarder of the two photos is substantially larger than the border between the pictures.

One should be able to move the pictures around, similarly to the way we can move pictures around on a Pages sheet.

Am I missing something? Is there some way to do what I want and if not, WHY?

intel iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,490 points)
    THis works fine for me - either printing two different 5 x 7 photos (both landscape) on a letter sheet or two of the same 5 x 7 photo (again a landscape photo) on one page

    So somehow you are missing something although your workflow sound perfect (and I learned that you can right click and modify the photo which is new to me)

    If you do not see what is going on try deleting the iPhoto preferences (user ==> library ==> preferences ==> com.apple.iphoto.plist) - you will have to reset any preferences you have modified

  • Old Toad Level 10 (133,360 points)

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Make sure you have 5x7 selected in the Print Size and Letter selected in the Page size. I just ran thru the steps and mistakenly selected 5x7 in the Paper size instead of Letter and got what you did. It's an easy mistake to make. I went back and made sure I had letter and 5x7 selected in the first window and that made the difference.

    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.

    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 08 libraries and Leopard. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.