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Can anyone tell me in simple terms whether I can connect the 'Apple Component AV Cable' directly from my iPod Touch to my 32" LCD HD TV without the Universal Dock?

Information on these cables is so conflicting its difficult to know whether they work at all.

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    idont now i have the same problem wirth my altec lansing TV it is made for all ipods apart from itouch... :))) so im ****** but i found a cable ill give uu the code of it when ill have it (at least a few weeks there slow to come from the USA to romania):)
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    Yes, if you have the red, green and blue Y - Pb - Pr Component Video connectors as one of the inputs on your TV.




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    Sorry I can't view the image you posted.

    I am assuming the cable is the 'Apple Component AV Cable', which includes USB to mains adapter, Red & White audio RCA Phono, Green, Red & Blue RCS Phono which are all connected to the iPod connector. £35.00 on Apple web site.
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    Is this cable also available from 3rd parties. Known as MB128ZA. Or is this a copy and not an original Apple product?
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    The picture shows a seperate connectors for Red, Green and Blue video channels (Y, Pb, Pr) and Red and White connectors for Audio.


    If your TV doesn't have that take a look at the Composite cable instead (Red, White and Yellow) which can easily be converted to SCART but which offers a reduced picture quality.


    The new iPod models released in 2007 (i.e. the +iPod touch+ etc) need the Apple cable as it has a chip in it. 3rd party cables will only work on the +iPod color+ {sic} and +Fifth Generation iPod+ and they generally connect into the headphone socket rather than the dock connector.


    What's the model number of your TV?


    Hope that helps.



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    That's great.

    The TV will be fine as it does have Component Video Input. It is a Toshiba 37WLT66 which means its a 37inch, not the 32 I mentioned in my original question, Doh!

    Is the MB128ZA/A cable the original Apple cable, which is sold by third parties or is it a copy?
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    I dislike using those model numbers as Apple has been known to re-use numbers, however that is the correct one:


    You won't need the dock unless you want one.



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    Cheers mrtotes, answered all my questions.

    Thanks again for the info.
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    Glad to help. Enjoy.



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    Just like to comment that I spent days trying to find answers else where.

    First time I've used 'Apple discussions'.

    Got an answer within hours.

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    Yes you can!!!! I was looking something else up related to my Itouch and accidently got to this site. I was so excited to know that I could put my videos, musics and pics up on my TV!!

    Anyhow...here is the link....good luck

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    what if i am not so concerned about picture quality? i have a honda pilot and i can plug red, yellow and white wires in to play movies or clips on dvd screen for my kids... can i simply get a red, yellow and white cable with headphone jack for ipod?
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    The +iPod touch+ does not output video through the 3.5mm headphone socket. You must use one of Apple's new cables with the dock connector. They do a Component version we've discussed here and a Composite version that is more suitable for a variety of video devices.






    (iPod touch)