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Bluesygirl Level 3 Level 3
I have 1.15 gigs of "other" on my iphone. Does anyone know what this category consists of? I would like to find some ways to clear clutter on my phone but am not sure whether what if anything in the "other" category I can modify. Thanks.

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  • Yellowadept Level 2 Level 2
    Other space consists of things like album artwork, contacts, calendar events, email, bookmarks, and additional things. All of these are represented in that "other" catagory.
    The first big thing to try is to delete your email trash folder. This can often reduce the other catagory a lot if you do not have it set to empty on a regular basis.
  • Andrew T. Level 4 Level 4
    Other data could be allot of things. Posted below are some of the possible OTHER data.

    * iPhone Software OS

    *Book Marsk

    *Email plus the attachments they contain

    *SMS messages



    *Calender Data


    *Youtube Book Marks

    *Google Maps Bookmarks

    This is just to name a few of what I can think of. I am sure there might be more.
  • Earless Puppy Level 4 Level 4
    lets not forget the big ones

    internet and maps cache
  • Andrew T. Level 4 Level 4
    Now if I remembered all the other. Would my mind not be filled with "Other Data" ? lol. Thanks for adding to the list. I am sure the list will expand over time. And I hope no one here has to remember all of the OTHER DATA.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    In addition to what has already been provided, it is possible some iTunes content such as video transferred from your computer is mis-labeled as "Other" instead of video.

    Try a Restore.
  • Earless Puppy Level 4 Level 4
    Andrew T. wrote:
    Now if I remembered all the other. Would my mind not be filled with "Other Data" ? lol.

    it depends if your mind is the 8gb or 16gb model haha
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    lets not forget the big ones : internet and maps cache

    I don't believe these are kept in flash, for the reasons I outlined in a recent thread. Briefly, the web cache seems to go away on a reset, the page limit seems like a RAM limit to me, and flash is slow to write to and has a 5,000 write limit on this device.

    But I'd love to know for sure. Got any proof, even empirical, that you've seen the "Other" change with cache? Loading or clearing doesn't seem to make any difference that I've seen.

    Besides, eight pages of maybe 1/2 MB each? That's not very much.

    We need someone with a hacked phone to go look at their /tmp directories.
  • Andrew T. Level 4 Level 4
    Sadly it's the 4GB model lol.

    Anyways keep on posting if you all can think of any OTHER data that it could be. Would be nice to see a list compiled for those wondering what all the orange is about.

    And Allan excellent job recommending a restore. Sometimes it could very well be an iPhone OS issue reporting wrong data.
  • Earless Puppy Level 4 Level 4
    lets me look at my top secret iPhone docs underneath that NDA... Seriously you could be right, but also it could be with "other" until a reboot than erased.. A heavy myspace page and a map is enough information that would have to be stored somewhere. But I was just lending a though with my 4gb brain model

    Mr Jobs care to chime in?.... Drats didnt think so

    you beat me to the 4GB joke Darn you Apple employees
  • Earless Puppy Level 4 Level 4
    how about album artwork and lyrics? or is this under music
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    I think this is the same thing that happened to me. Did this happen when you upgraded to 1.1.3? If so you need to restore your iphone, but remember to save a backup before you restore so you can restore all the info, contacts, and settings. It looks like you have a lot of "other" file space that is really nothing. It is a bug of the upgrade. It somehow duplicates your files and changes them to "other" but never erases them when itunes syncs.