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hi everyone, i've tried everything and i still cannot see my ipod on itunes. when i connect the ipod it does not recognize it. i cannot sync any new songs to my ipod. i've wasted 2 days trying to fix this.. please HELP!!
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    I'm having the exact same problem and can't figure it out. I posted a message under "Unable to Sync Ipod" message chain. My ITunes library is still there, and I can purchase songs, but then I can't sync the songs onto my Ipod anymore, and when I try to do it manually, the "Sync Ipod" option on the File drop-down menu is also shaded gray and inoperable. Can anybody figure this out, please? Already tried resetting my IPod, no change.
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    i have the same problem,, i dont even know i got this problem cause it was working just fine the other day.
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    my daughters nano is doing the same thing. we tried resetting the namo but nothing changed. does any one have any ideas?
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    Sorry - I come w/ no help - as I am in the same boat (sinking?). My Nano 2nd Generation (owned since December), is not recognized as an iTunes Source. It, too, was working fine and then not.

    Navigating help is difficult. Maybe this forum will provide an answer.
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    My son was having the same problem with his iPod. He finally reset the iPod and it worked again!
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    I also had the same problem.... but the apple store guy fixed it by plugging it into a computer(PC) and pressed Menu and select together then select and play and then the guy restored it and it's been fine ever since.
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    Hello, I'm not sure if my problem is the same as everyone else's or not but please bear with me.

    I recently bought a secondhand iPod (fourth generation, colour screen, 40GB) and I have managed to successfully connected it to both my pc at work and my pc laptop. However, I can't seem to see it on my Mac! It's not visible on the desktop or in iTunes. All my music is in iTunes on my Mac and so this is really frustrating as I am currently having to burn all my cds (AGAIN) to the pc laptop in order to load them onto the iPod.

    I am running iTunes v 7.6.1 on the Mac, if that makes a difference.

    There must be a solution to this! Anyone got any ideas?

    PS. I have tried using different USB sockets, resetting the iPod, restarting iTunes and the Mac, etc etc
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    I believe the problem is that the formating is different on a PC than a Mac. I have a MacBook and have used bootcamp to install windows xp. When I connected my iPod when booted into windows it said it needed to reformant the iPod to use it on the windows side so it can sync. (I have used the iPod on the Mac side). Needless to say I just told it to not reformat...this means I can't use it on a windows machine. I don't use the iPod extensively so don't know if there is a way to have it be read on both a Mac and a PC simultaneously; you may have to choose which format to run (sync) the iPod on.
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    Thanks for that. So, if I assume that the iPod I have has been used on a PC by previous owner does anyone know how I can reformat it to use it with my Mac? I don't need it to sync with my PC as all my music is on my Mac and that is where I would use the iPod.

    I got my PC laptop primarily for my daughter to use so it has her music on it and I can't survive on only Girls Aloud and the soundtrack to High School Musical! Someone help me please!!!!
  • 2Xclone Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    When I plugged in my iPod on the windows side a message came up asking if I wanted to reformat. If you don't get that message you may have to use the 'reset' option on the iPod itself. Be aware this will mean you will have to reload the music to the iPod.
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    Try resetting (press and hold 'Menu' and 'Select' keys together until the Apple logo appears) the iPod while connected to the computer. This worked for me. Key is having the iPod connected to the computer.
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    OK, I gave up trying to sort this problem myself and today took my iPod into the Apple store in Milton Keynes where it was in fact revealed to have PC formatting. The kind assistant reformatted it for Mac and uploaded the latest software for me. It displayed on his Mac screen as being formatted for Mac now and appeared in the devices menu of iTunes as one would expect.

    I have just got home and plugged it into my Mac and guess what? My eMac still can't see the iPod! I am running the latest version of iTunes but nothing appears in the devices menu.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Can you see it in System Profiler or Disk Utility when it is connected?