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can anyone tell me why when I download or preview a video or tv show that the audio does not match the video? and what do I do to fix it..all software is up to date and I have the latest version of quicktime.Like previous post ( and yes I have repoted it via "contact us" about 3 times now) the "report a problem button" is worthless, you are unable to tell them what the problem is-- also--any new news on error code -50 when downloading music on windows? finally..is there some reference guide to iTunes --this constant doing research to accomodate them is getting real old real fast. Suggestions on addressing these issues would be appreciated The site has more issues than a lifetime subscription to readers digest.

Acer, Windows XP
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    Same problem for me with video not matching audio: it's like watching a dubbed kung-fu film, not what i want to deal with when watching a new episode of Lost.
    I've tried everything i can think of to fix it, waste of time. I would just watch instead on amazon Unbox but they don't sell Lost episodes on unbox (the 24/7 telephone tech support for unbox makes Itunes look pretty weak).