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  • fjglynn Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Here's what worked for me for YouTube and iTunes. For accessing YouTube from my ATV, it turns out I needed to go back to my mac and go though the email address verification process to my YouTube account would be certified. Once I did that, I was in like a champ.

    On Friday evening 16Feb, when we were trying to watch our first ATV PPV movie, it kept complaining about my postal address. In that case, I went back to the iTunes store from my mac, let it know my zip code was "inside the citiy" (this is a sales tax thing...) and with that all set, we could watch the movie. Good luck.
  • Gino Cerullo Level 4 Level 4 (1,445 points)
    Well it seems that my problems were related to DNS. My Airport Extreme router was having problems pulling the correct DNS settings from my ISP, apparently my ISP is flakey in that department. Since I normally have my network setup manually with static addresses I didn't notice any problems with any of my other computers. I ended up manually entering the DNS information in to the Airport Extreme. Once I did that the Apple TV, using DHCP to get it's network settings, worked as it should and I was able to login to my iTunes account and generally connect to the Internet and pull content in.
  • Tim in Paris Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes. This is the problem that most people are having (including me) and there is another string which gives more details. The solution posted by Apple recommends emailing Customer Support and they will contact you after switching your Apple ID to a new ID which doesn't contain and AOL email address. I waited 24 hours for a response and then solved it myself by following directions posted in another string. Those are:

    Go to

    Change your apple ID to anything not containing an AOL email address. Then reenter the new Apple ID in the appropriate location on your Apple TV's menu. I have no idea how an AOL address being in your Apple ID could possibly cause a glitch with apple TV but continue to work normally in iTunes, however, doing this immediately solved this problem for me. You will of course have to now input the new Apple ID in iTunes as well.
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    I just received an Apple TV with 2.0 installed. I also can not log-on to the Itunes store from the Apple TV over my wireless network. I can log-in to the Itunes store using a wireless PC so the problem seem to be with the Apple TV. I can play trailers on the apple TV which was the only successful test criteria I have seen. I have reset the apple tv and changed my password - neither has worked.

    I have also had problems syncing a move I rented from my mac to the apple tv. Once I got it over there (not sure how) it would of course not play since the long on to Itunes Store would not work.
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    I was having trouble too logging in to my Apple TV -- tried a dozen work-arounds, and then I noticed the top line in the alphabet where you enter name and password is ALL CAPS. I reentered information from the second row, in lower case, and voila, I was logged right in and and my movie in now downloading. This may solve the log in problem in many instances.
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    In working with Apple TV Support it seems to come down to some wireless networks (my is supplied by Verizon FIOS - is required for that service) may block ports required for the Itunes store from the Apple TV. I have tested logging in to the apple store over the wireless network and that does work. Therefore I am not sure that that that is the problem although Verizon tells me the do block port 50. Itunes does get through the filter but it seems apple tV does not. The Verizon solution is to purchase a static address. I have not found out how much that will cost yet but it is a business solution so I am sure it will be expensive.

    I anyone has a Apple TV working with a Verizon FIOS Wireless Network I would like to know about how they got it to work.
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    My problem with logging on to the Itunes store was solved. It was solved by changing my apple tunes payment profile to use the State Drop Down menu to pick out my state. It seems in when I setup the account I typed in the State Name instead of using the drop down menu which seems to have caused a problem with the ATV. Changing it fixed all my issues.
  • Robert Whalen1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Did you ever get the FIOS router to allow computers on the network to see the Apple TV when in iTunes? I can't, and I suspect a port blocking issue. The Apple TV connects to th iTunes store normally, but none of the computers on the network can see it. I have tried all of the permutations suggested by Apple support, but no luck so far.
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