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Since I installed Office 2008 (on my MBP) the syncing between it and iCal/Address has been a pain.
First of all the content of iCal and Address book seem to "disappear" every few minutes, leaving both apps completely empty, both come up filled with the appropriate content after some time. Entourage stays filled.
The "disappearing" seems to occur instantly when changes in either iCal or Address book are trying to be synced with Entourage.

As a "byresult" of this my MacBookPro's fans starting to get blazing when this happens, and the activity monitor tells me the following processes are the culprit by taking up as much as >90% of the CPU load: Sync Server and/or Microsoft Sync Services.

Needless to say this is very annoying and any pointers to a more stable sync situation would be very much appreciated

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