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Apple is advertising that you can rent movies right from the ATV on your TV set. I up graded tp Version 2 and when I go to movies I do not see interface to rent the movie. All I see are movie trailers and My Movies ( which are ones I bought and downloaded thru iTunes). What am I missing here? How do you guys rent movies?

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    you must be in country that doesn't have rentals yet then.
    only US has rentals at the moment.
  • JDB38 Level 2 (195 points)
    I live in Connecticut
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    you have a problem with your itunes account then.
    the rentals are tied to your itunes account, sounds like your itunes account is not registered to your state/country properly.

    get that fixed and appletv will show the rental options
  • JDB38 Level 2 (195 points)
    Thanks for your info. You were correct about the country of origin. I checked my settings and I was listed as UK so I changed my location to US and immediately saw movies available for rental. How ever, when I went to rent one the message " A VALID ADDRESS IS NECESSARY TO PURCHASE USING STORE CREDIT" I have purchased from iTunes before so do you have any suggestion as to why I can't rent a movie.
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    go and recheck your address details.. specifically the state field.
    even if it is correct.. reselect your state from the list and save.. then try it again.
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    That seems to have done it. I am currently downloading a movie. Thanks a lot for your help.