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I've only had my 80gig ipod for about 2 1/2 weeks now. So I'm relatively surprised it's trying to crap out on me. When I plug in the usb cord to sync or charge it, I have to try a couple times. (plug it into the ipod then the computer...then try to plug it into the computer and then the ipod) Sometimes, it will bring up the menu when I plug it in, which is wierd because I assume it should only show it's connected and that it's charging. (that's when I have to try plugging it in differently.) Also, sometimes it won't show up anywhere on my computer, not in itunes, not as a drive...nothing...And as troubling as that is, what really irks me is that if the ipod is moved while plugged in (and working!), if it is moved AT ALL...the cord jostled or LIGHTLY tapped near where it's plugged into the ipod, it disconnects, or freezes, or kicks it out of itunes (which is REALLY frustrating when it's syncing...). Any suggestions about what the problem could be? I'm thinking it's the cable, because other mp3 players plug into that port perfectly, work fine, everything. But I'd love to know some opinions.

Windows XP
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    Are you using a USB hub? I had sync problems with my Mac when the iPod classic was plugged into a USB2 hub, even though the hub was powered. Since plugging it directly into the USB on the back of my Mac I've had no problems at all.

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    hey im having the EXACT same problem!!!

    please apple mods, save us...
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    It could be one of three things (but the last is VERY unlikely).

    Most likely - an USB issue. Make sure it's a USB 2.0 or later port. If it's one of the new USB 3.0 ports, that may be an issue as I don't know if Apple has taken these into account, but I'm pretty sure the USB 3.0 ports are backwards compatible all the way to USB 1.1. If you're running the USB cable through a USB Hub that doesn't have it's own power source, that's probably your problem. Even if it does have it's own power source, try just using an empty USB port right on the computer. Check with your manufacturer and see if there are any USB driver/firmware updates. I know the PC I just set up as a "iTunes Computer" didn't work right with my Classic (but did with all the other iPods) until I updated my USB firmware.

    If not the USB port, then it might be the cable. A faulty USB cable could explain this, but still not as likely as a USB port problem. Try another cable. Most iPod owners probably have a few just from accessories they buy. Personally, I think I have about four or five (if I include the Component AV Cable).

    Finally, it could be a problem with your iPod's port ... but the chances of that are pretty slim compared to the other options. Usually, the iPod port is an all or nothing type of functionality. If you can sync it, even with multiple tries to get the computer to find it, it's probably working. The fact that you can get it working, even with a bit of retrial and error, is actually a good sign. The other two problems above are cheap and easy to fix ... this one isn't.
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    well i KNOW it's the ipod's port because i've tried it with 8 other cables.
    each one does the EXACT same thing... please help
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    But have you tried plugging it into another computer? If the problem is with your USB ports, every cable you try will fail.
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    GLNHP wrote:
    But have you tried plugging it into another computer? If the problem is with your USB ports, every cable you try will fail.

    Exactly, thanks GLNHP. The first problem I listed is the MOST COMMON and MOST LIKELY. You've eliminated that it's a cable problem. So answer this for me ... does the iPod charge while plugged in? If so, there's nothing wrong with your cable or iPod ... it's the USB port or, more precisely, the configuration of the USB port.
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    I have an 80G Classic and recently it "died" and when I tried to recharge the battery, i tried all 4 of my USB ports on my laptop, then the home computer, then I tried my daughters wall plug. The computers never recognized the ipod, and the wall plug did not recharge the ipod. I almost gave up, then sat it in my son's docking station, and it recharged! However, my laptop still does not recognize it-nor does the home computer. I don't even get the usual connection or disconnection sound, and it does not show up in sources on my itunes. I have tried resetting the ipod, and restarted my laptop. I've also used two different usb cords, a brand new ipod cable even, with no luck. I did reset the ipod, and it still has all my music, etc, but no connection with a computer. Help!!
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    For the most part, switching USB ports on the same computer, tests nothing, other than whether there is a physical problem with the USB port or USB Controller. Since you tested on another PC as well, I doubt there are any physical problems.

    What really throws me for a loop is that the wall plug wouldn't recharge the iPod. Now that it has charged on your Son's dock, is this still true? Or does it charge now on a wall plug? If it does now, it would make sense that it wouldn't show that it was charging if it was dead, but then would show that it was charging on the dock, because it "had" been charging, but often when an iPod charges from dead, it doesn't load the screen or firmware.

    So, if it does work on the wall charge unit now, that mean's it's probably your USB drivers. If you're running Windows XP, this is a common problem. Let us know here if the wall charger is working now.
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    Sorry for the delay- mom in college here. No, the wall plug still does not work, nor does another computer at school. that's a total of 3 different USB cords, 3 computers, and a wall jack. However, my ipod still continues to get charged from the docking station. I can't change any of the music though, or get any new podcasts because I cannot connect it to a computer. Any ideas? I do have Windows XP.
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    did you see my last post? still no connection to my computer- i'm listening to my same old podcasts over and over....help!