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So I have my PS3, Mac Pro and 46" Sony XBR4 Flat Panel all hooked up together. I'd like to be able to get the PS3 to connect to the internet through Port Sharing on the MacPro.

My connection is through Roadrunner using a Linksys router on the other side of the house.
Ethernet Port 1 on the MacPro is directly connected to the Linksys.
Ethernet Port 2 is connected to the Playstation 3
Sharing is set to share Built-In Ethernet 1 to Ethernet 2

Network on the MacPro says Port 2 has a self Assigned IP but it fails if I run the network test on the PS3 (using DHCP).

MacPro Xeon 2.66's (retired: SE/30, IIci, Q800, 8500, 9500, G3, G4, G5 2.7s), Mac OS X (10.5.1), 2GB Ram, 3TB, some externals, eyeTV hybrid, AirPort Express etc...