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When I plugged my Ipod in my Itunes, it did not appear in my itunes and it froze on the "Do Not disconnect" image. It even has the time I plugged it in and has not changed. I tried resetting it to the original settings, but I can't. What Can I do? Any advice will be welcomed.

Mac os x, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    You say you tried to reset it to original settings, but I suspect you mean tried to Restore it? Try a Reset: press and hold down the center and menu (top) buttons for about 6 to 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo come up. You may have to do this several times before it works. Also...make sure the HOLD switch is set to OFF.

    Hopefully, this will "unfreeze" it.
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    Diane, have you ever heard of this problem before?

    This is too wierd. I never thought there would be more people with the same Apple logo flashing on and off with a low whining down sound and then restarting again,and this goes on and on,I guess untill the battery dies.

    I have a 5th Generation 80GB Classic ipod.
    I went to turn on the ipod and nothing happened. I tried the reset method by sliding the hold switch ON, then OFF, and pressed both the top area of the MENU button and the middle of the SELECT button, at the same time, but with two different fingers.

    All I’m getting now is the black screen with the Apple logo appearing for about six seconds, then off for about 6-8 seconds, and ON, over and over again and so far it has been doing this for about fifteen minutes now.

    I called APPLE, and they told me to install iTunes, and plug in the ipod, and hit the RESTORE Option, but for some reason, the newly downloaded QUICKTIME and new itunes I just downloaded from Apple does not open up the itunes when I double –click on it either from the desktop, or the Start>Programs>itunes folder.

    The reason for all this was that I was clearing off one computer’s hard drive to another new computer before I wipe the Hard drive. I deleted all my mp3’s and the itunes program from the old computer and put the mp3 music files onto the new hard drive. I downloaded the new Quick time and itunes programs separately to my desktop.
    I was told from Apple that my ipod warranty has expired by about 85 days.

    I have run all the Apple updates and it tells me I am up to date. Thanks for any help.
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    I let the battery die and now my ipod is working again. Should I still call support and asked them if this a normal problem or should I just leave it as it is? This freezing has never happened to be before and I'm worried that something is wrong with my ipod.
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    Unless your warranty is about to expire, I would probably just let it go and chalk it up to "stuff happens." If your warranty is about to expire, might want to make an inquiry. I have had mine freeze a couple of times, once on the Do Not Disconnect. I immediately did a Reset...had to do it about three times, and everything has worked fine since then.
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    Where did you access the QuickTime and iTunes downloads? The latest version of iTunes (7.6) requires QuickTime 6.5.2 or later. Do you have the correct version? Since you're on a PC (and I'm on a Mac) and since this is the iPod forum, you might have better luck by posting over in the iTunes for Windows forum.

    Good luck...
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    I am having the same problem w/my Ipod, the apple screen just keeps repeating. Any luck figuring this out?
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    I was listenning to trans siberian version of beethovens' 5th symphony, when it went dead. The screen is frozen like the song is playing, nothing happens. It was locked at the time, I tried everything many times. What do I do?
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    I downloaded from the apple site. First Quicktime,then downloaded the newest itunes. I first unsuccessfully downloaded the "Both applications", and that didn't work,so I uninstalled all references to both apps. and did the latest,but the fact remains, the ipod is still recycling on and off until the battery goes dead. Thanks
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    My warranty expired the day before my ipod froze, so anything that happens from now on is coming out of my pocket. I've decided to wait until March, when I'm back home, to take it in and see what happens.
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    When you say you can't, does that mean it says its been restored but it really hasn't been restored? or it hasn't attemped to restore it? If the former, then you may have a problem similar to mine and may need to go the store to have it checked.
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    I am having close to the exact same problem as bozojim here. I have no clue what's going on. Also, I don't know how to post my own topic. :S
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    As in it will not even attempt to restore. What did they tell you? Do you suggest I take it it?
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    Well, I made the appointment to see an APPLE MAC GENIUS and what he told me was not good news about the apple icon flashing on and off. he also told me that the sad face is also a hard drive problem,after all he should know,because he's a GENIUS!!!! (hehehe)

    After having my 80GB Classic Ipod for only fifteen months, (purchased Oct.2006) and only using the ipod to play through my onstage B US Dock,the other day, the ipod went dead. I took it to the APPLE Store and made an appointment with a MAC GENIUS who politely told me the ipod’s hard drive went Dead! AFTER 15 MONTHS!!!!

    I went to the Apple support /discussions site and realized there were more victims of the hard drive crashing. I've heard of the JBL Onstage Dock recalls in 2005 with audio and static problems, but not sure about the hard drive crashes. he said "Sorry, that's technology, it's not supposed to last,it's hardware", but c'mon just over a year!

    Right before this happened, when I was done listening to the onstage, I tried to shut off the ipod, then the speaker unit, but the ipod would not power down, when I tried to reset the ipod, all I got was the apple icon trying to power up and down, but never fully turned on again!

    This Ipod and ONSTAGE Docking system combined was not cheap.Around 475.00. Now I have a Speaker unit that’s worthless without an Ipod.

    Apple told me it would cost $150.00 to turn in my 80GB and get a refurbished one as a replacement. I can not afford this,I feel I paid a lot of money for these units to only have lasted for 15 months, that's jacked up!!!!!!!

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    That is a rip off!! I think they should be more helpful, even if you don't have a warranty.