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So i have had the new OSX ever since it has come out, and have never experienced problems with Safari until a couple days ago.

Turns out, if I access safari... there is no address bar.

This means both the URL space AND the google search bar are not appearing on my browser, and instead I only see the action buttons (Such as the back, forward, refresh, dashboard tool and bookmark buttons) as well as my current bookmarks, but nothing else.

I can still access the internet on my safari, I'm on it right now actually, but nothing shows up. I can also make new tabs, I can browse by clicking links but that's all. No ability to access addresses with apple+L, nothing.

I've installed all my current software updates, all I have not done is re-install Safari. This is mainly due to me being unable to find a safari install on the site. I've searched for it, but cannot seem to find it.


iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.2)