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Mike Gregg Level 1 (5 points)
I would love to be able to create and Automator work flow that will allow me to use the 'enhance' feature on a batch job of photo's (about 120 to be exact.

I really like how the enhance feature makes almost every shot a take into a better one!

I have tried for several hours to setup a work flow that can do this, but i am not sure Automator can use these type of features inside of iPhoto.

If you have any knowledge you could share with me, or maybe even make the work flow for yourself and share it would everyone here, that would be amazing!

Let me know!

  • Kevin Wolfe3 Level 3 (760 points)

    Sorry, you're out of luck on this one. Automator nor applescript have any way of accessing the Enhance feature. At this point it doesn't look scriptable.

    UI Scripting, which could probably click the Enhance button, really couldn't navigate the chosen photos themselves to automate the process.

  • Ric Latham Level 4 (2,265 points)
    Hi Mike,

    In essence you are trying to "colour correct your Images"...

    If you have a look in the Automator window...bottom left hand side...Example Workflows-->Process Images

    Open that up and have a look...

    You may be better doing it this way, you can make your own ColourSync Profile if you want, or try some of the built in ones...

    ...before doing anything with your Photos make sure they are backed up, and only work on a copy of them, just in case !


  • Kevin Wolfe3 Level 3 (760 points)
    The problem is that Enhance evaluates each photo and corrects for what it feels is lacking. It color balances, adds saturation if needed, corrects the brightness, adds contrast if needed and may even tamper with sharpness. (Apple won't admit all enhance does.) Most of these controls aren't available through Image Events.

  • Mike Gregg Level 1 (5 points)
    No matter how good the photo is already, the enhance feature usually makes it better.

    I wonder, would this be possible with some GUI scripting program? Or would it be possible to request this from apple directly? - i think that a lot of people would like this batch feature.
  • Kevin Wolfe3 Level 3 (760 points)

    I guess the issue is that it works "most of the time" which means you'd have to go back and undo some photos. I think it's possible with UI Scripting, but I think it requires opening each photo individually in iPhoto, which is not only tricky, but would take some serious scripting.