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An error message as the subject reads appears when i try to sync my Ipod. This has never happened previously. Please help!

Sony Vaio, Windows Vista
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    MINE SAYS THE SAME THING!! and Now my ipod is stuck on "do not disconnect" and is frozen aswell..cannot turn on or off!! HELP!

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    having the exact same message appear

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    one more to the list hope someone can help us
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    Another one...mine died a few days ago. Can't do anything (tried restoring several times). Any suggestions would be helpful!
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    I may have figured it out. Go to Start, control panel, programs (to add/ remove). Remove your Itunes, Quickstart, and the two apple device manager softwares. Restart your computer after you've done all of these. When it restarts, go to Ipod photo cache (under Pictures) and delete the folder. Go to itunes and download the most recent version. I found this advice online and it worked for me! I finally have my ipod back.
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    you shouldn't need to fomat the entire drive. I just ran a check disk on the IPOD from windows and it fixed the problem. Make sure to close ITunes before you do, or you will get an error saying that the device is in use. This worked on Vista x64.
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    My IPOD has been like this for 3+ months.
    I'm ready to throw it in the garbage!
    I haven't had time to sit and figure out the problem. I just keep trying it again, and after 10 songs, it kicks me off...
    I've been told to go to the Apple store... BUT I've also heard it takes hours to find someone there that will know what to do...
    I don't have this free time...

    My question for your solutions, is if I delete the ITUNES program, does all my music need to be "backed up" first?

    I'm scared that I would delete my ITUNES library on my computer.

    My ITUNES library is fine, it's just the synx'ing that the IPOD and Computer aren't communicating...

    Please help!
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    I had this same error with my wife's 8 GB Nano (software version 1.1, format: Macintosh). I deselected to sync the photos and now I don't get the error! She doesn't use the photos anyway.

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    will you lose all your music if you remove itunes?
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    how do you do that?
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    Try this solution from another user "Endareth". It worked for me


    Follow these steps exactly and you should have an iPod free from the dreaded "Disk not available" error! Please note that I've only encountered this problem on my iPod Shuffle (2nd Gen), so have only been able to confirm this working on that, YMMV.

    To begin with, ensure iTunes is not running, and your iPod is not connected. Make sure you read through the following steps before your begin.

    1. Run "c:\WINDOWS\system32\devmgmt.msc" (this is the Device Manager), this will need to be used later, but you'll need it quickly when you do.
    2. Start iTunes
    3. Connect iPod
    4. Go to your iPod Settings and select "Enable disk use"
    5. A dialog box will pop up reminding you that you'll need to manually eject. Hit OK
    6. Hit Apply to save changes to the iPod
    7. Quickly switch to Device Manager window and right-click on any item there and select "Scan for hardware changes"
    8. Switch back to iTunes, where you should have a nice, working iPod!