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Just updated to Leopard with a clean install. After connecting up my external clone of my previous 10.4.11 system, I set about transferring my 2 users and additional applications over. Towards the end of the process, with MA saying 'less than one minute remaining' and 'transferring files to support applications', I watched as this went on for 23 minutes, my external HD had long since showed it was no longer being read from, and eventually I had to force quit it. My users had been transferred over just fine, but none of the applications (Adobe CS3, Final Cut Pro, etc). I couldn't understand this, so I tried again, this time unchecking the users, and just making sure the applications (which showed as 15.9GB) were selected. Set it running and watched as it showed 'transferring files to support applications' the whole time (about 30 minutes), at no time did it show the applications being transferred at all. As the blue bar neared completion, with 2 mm of white still showing, that's where it sat. I could see after sometime that the external wasn't being read from again, and indeed no applications were transferred. What on earth do I have to do to make this work???

iMac G5 20", 2.1GHz, 250GB HD, 1.5GB ram, iBook G4 1.33Ghz,, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Maxtor 200GB onetouch III, 6mb DSL, Linksys WRT54G, iPod Classic 80Gb, Nano 2G
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    1. What are you calling a clean install? There is no such thing according to this article:


    2. Are you transfering data between a PowerPC and Intel Mac? This would cause problems with the Migration Assistant.

    3. If not, how big is the destination drive, and how big is the source drive, and how much data are there are on each?
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    Transferring data between bootable clone PPC 10.4.11 and PPC 10.5.2. A clean install is where the HD is wiped before the new OS is installed.

    MA had no problems transferring my users (even though it didn't end properly), my internal HD is much bigger than the external clone, but my applications are only 16GB.
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    I wonder if the dual-PowerPC/Intel compatibility nature of Leopard presents the same problem for the migration assistant that migrating from a PowerPC to Intel Mac presents? Regardless, since you ran into this issue, I suggest copying over in smaller chunks, and make sure you follow the license agreement of the said applications. This user tip explains how to copy in lieu of the Migration Assistant:

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    Firstly, I'm not transferring to an Intel mac, just one PPC volume to another.

    However, after spending 30 minutes on the phone with Apple support, they admitted that there must be a problem with MA in Leopard!