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I just purchased an 8GB iphone, and I am having trouble with visual voicemail. Whenever I try to access it, it tells me that "Voicemail Unavailable. Unable to connect. Try again Later."

I have been trying since last night and I am getting the same message. Is this something that AT&T has to correct? I think I am able to access it by calling my own number, but the visual aspect is not working.

Do I need to do something to set this up correctly for the first time? Any one else have this issue, and any thoughts on this?


30GB ipod; 8 GB iphone, Windows XP
  • DaVBMan Level 6 Level 6
    First, Visual Voice mail will only work if you are on Edge. Ensure you see the blue square with an E in it near your signal bars.

    If not there, Visual Voice mail cannot be accessed.

    Second, if it is there and still having an issue, yes, call AT&T. There have been times they need to flip some bit on your account to enable it if it failed to do so when you activated your account.

    Third, when needed, you can always call into Voice Mail manually like other phones. Go to Phone. Then Keypad. Then press and hold 1 (like other phones) to call into voice mail. This is handy to know to get access to Voice Mail if Visual Voice mail fails on you when you need it (once you get it working that is )
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    Thanks for your help! How do I Turn on EDGE? I seem to be only accessing the web through Wireless.
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    Edge is automatic. It is available when you are in an area that has it. Where are you located?

    EDIT: Just saw you are in NY. You should be pretty well covered there. I will still call AT&T and see if there is an account issue maybe.

    Also, if you are checking for the E while you are on wireless you won't see the E (though it may be available) They just don't show both at same time.
    Turn off Wireless temp. and see if the E is there.

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    it took 2 weeks for AT&T to figure this out. Essentially, you have to be on the Edge network for the Visual Voicemail to work. I was on wi-fi, and was therefore the VM was not working. The easy fix for me: press and hold the home button and the power button simultaneously. then slide the bar over that appears on the screen. this will get you back on the Edge network, and problem solved. you will know you are on the Edge when the "E" appears at the top near your service bars. hope this solves your problem.
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    There has to be more to this than this. I am on Wi-Fi all the time, and my voice mails come into visual without a problem.

    Just letting you know.

    What you posted seems to simply be a power off - power on of the phone, no? Maybe that just cleared your problem.
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    With GSM signals, you should power down and up at least once a day to keep all these things functioning properly. That should clean out the much and reacquire a nice clean signal.