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I have a lot of trouble zooming in on web pages (or emails for that matter). Most of the time when I try to double tap the screen, it begins to zoom in then zooms back out. Is this a bug or am I just unaware of how to get it working properly. This can be pretty annoying when double tapping on text that often contains hyperlinks.

Self-Built, Windows Vista
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    Some sites (especially those that designed them "for the iPhone") have the ability to control how zooming works (or disable). I hate how Google did this with iGoogle as I have a listing of Bookmarks on my iGoogle page and hard to get exact with a tap on one.

    If viewing a site (not made for iPhone) it should zoom pretty good. Double tapping should zoom to paragraph width or if in a cell of a table, zoom to that cell size. If that fails, can try pinch zooming method.

    For email, I seem to only be able to zoom HTML formatted emails. If email was just text, then I cannot zoom.
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    After some searching on the web (but surprisingly not found on this forum) I finally figured out what this "pinch zooming" is all about. You'd think they would have included that important feature in the lists of their 'finger tips'...

    And to those who dont know, you can zoom manually with your iphone using two fingers on the screen at once. Keep one finger stationary and move the other.
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    The double-tap zooms out the target section so that it fills the width of the screen.

    Make sure you actually tap on the section you really want to see. If you double-tap on an empty section, it will just zoom/unzoom.

    Also, if you double-tap on a section that's already too wide for the screen, it will do the zoom/unzoom.

    As for the pinch, you can move both fingers... that's a feature that you're paying extra for on this touchscreen.