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My hard drive has some extra space. I do not want to repartition it. Does Disk Utility's erase free space option add the extra unpartitioned space back to my Macintosh HD? If it can't, can anyone instruct me to add the extra unpartitioned space back to my Macintosh HD, preferrably without deleting any partitions. Thank you.

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    Hi, I was wondering the same thing. I was too scared to try it.

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    Well I'm gonna go check Apple's manual, althought I doubt it will provide fruitful answers. In the mean time, all we can hope for is to let someone who does know answer the question.
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    If it is not part of a partition you should be able to go into disk utility and choose the hard drive you have the partition on. Now choose partition and you should be able to drag the lower right corner of the partition you want to expand to fill the space. If it is a partition you wish to get rid of so you can expand the main partition use the minus key to delete the small partition and then drag the large partitions lower right corner to fill the space. Then hit apply.

    This will not erase your large partition.

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    Umm I'm not sure what you're saying. Heres a screenshot of my disk utility.

    PS. I am running windows (32gb) and leopard on that hard disk. I ended up seeing a few hundred mbs during my installation of windows. windows asked me which partition to install windows on, and i saw unpartitioned spaces... and my mac partition and a bootcamp one. i was wondering maybe i could *** the unpartitioned spaces to my macintosh hd (my leopard partition).

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    From the picture of your drive you have no un-partitoned space. The big partition looks like your windows partition. The small partition is Leopard. You will have to get rid of the non leopard partition to do what you want.

    You could try the program iPartition. It may be able to allow you to do it without losing anything.

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    With Leopard you can delete the disk0s2 (partition that you posted on flickr)
    Click disk0s2. then select the "-" in the left hand corner.
    ANY DATA ON disk0S2 WILL BE DESTROYED and you will reclaim the space (you might have to drag the lower right corner of the partition to fill the space). Data on Macintosh HD will not be erased.

    READ the warnings that Disk Utility gives you as you perform these steps
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    Thanks but I just did a fresh install of leopard, deleting everything on the whole entire drive. turns out, those extra hundred megs of disk space, its allocated to Windows in case the 32gb I assigned it overflows or something. I thought it was an imperfection in the partitioning software, but its not. I'll mark all you responses helpful tho. Thanks again!