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my brand new 80g ipod classic suddenly froze the other day while i was out of the house. when i reset it, a screen came up that said "use itunes to restore" and then it shut down. when i plugged it into the computer that night, a box popped up that said the ipod appeared to be corrupted and i needed to restore it. after i restored it.. the same box popped up again.. the ipod does not even appear in 'my computer'.... is there anything i can do?? PLEASE?? i have been suffering from music withdrawl!

Windows 2000
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    I am having a similar problem at the moment. My ipod is a 20g and fairly new. It has been skipping through all of the songs as though they can't be played. I have soft reset it on numerous occasions and most of the time it has worked. But now I have reset it through itunes for about the fifth time and it won't work. All I have on screen now is the apple symbol and I can't get anywhere. I have updated itunes and reset my ipod after removing all of the music. It seems to be corrupted somehow. Is there any software I can use to wipe it or possibly defrag it other than what is available through itunes?

    My computer can recognise the ipod but itunes won't.

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    This is totally bizarre. My iPod also just stopped working. 20Gb. Where do we start the conspiracy theory for Apple? I've restored it and iTunes doesn't recognize it. I went to an Apple store and no one can do anything with my iTunes because they only work with 7.6. Although the support staff is nice, this is kind of lame that they are unable to understand anything less than the latest versions.
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    i called apple and asked what i should do.. they attempted to help me fix it over the phone.. by checking computer managment and some other places in control panel.. i was quite close to getting it completely fixed.. but it still did the same thing, i am going to be taking it to an apple store tommorow.. my computer might be the problem.. but if i can get it fixed there.. i will tell you what they did and see if it helps you guys as well..
  • vopeyazile Level 1 Level 1
    ye.. the harddrive was just totlly busted and got a brand new one.. lost all my info.. but oh well
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    did you manage to solve this problem because i'm having exactly the same problem with my 80GB classic right now?
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    i have almost the same problem here...need some advise...ipod classic 80gb can be opened but the songs are not playing and when you access the movies, ipod just hang...what do you guys think was the problem? is this kind of problem/situation normal w/ ipod classic 80gb?
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    I have a similar problem with my 80 gb ipod classic, i just bought it used/new off of Amazon 4 weeks ago. it worked fine for a week and then i started having problems with it. It would constantly freeze and ask me to restore it with itunes. Like i would get the restore screen atleast once a day. and after the 5 or 6th time itunes said it was successful with the restore but the ipod continued to go into recovery mode when plugged into Itunes. Anyone know what i should do or have any suggestions? Im taking it to an apple store tomorrow to have it looked at.
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    I just finished syncing my 80g classic Ipod (bought in Dec 07 but started using in Jan 08) and everything just poof vanished... iTunes does not recognise it when I plugged it in.
    I havent even downloaded any fancy stuff only plain music.

    There is nothing on the Ipod... what can I do..I am not even computer expert like all of you.
    Where do I start when itunes does not even see my Ipod or my file manager.
    So sad.