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This may be a dumb question, but here goes (I'm a SW not HW type). I have an imac G5 with 512MB of RAM. I've purchased 2GB of RAM. I have good instructions on how to add the new RAM to the system.

I have no instructions on how to remove the existing RAM.

I have never opened the case of my imac, and don't know if there are any surprises in removing the existing RAM.

How is the removal done? Will this be self-evident?

imac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hi Stirling Dad

    Seen this: iMac (All Models): Memory Specifications and Upgrades?


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    When you take off the cover in the back - on my G5 imac there were two plastic rings that you fingers slip into. Pull in both and it releases the existing ram module. Different G5 models aree different. Best to look up Replacing Ram in APPLE support, and find the instructions for you exact model. My isight has only one slot for ram, and there is ram on the motherboard as well. Older models have two slots. Be specific in your search before opening up the computer.
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    If you have an iSight, the 512 RAM is soldered to the motherboard and can't be removed.

    If you have a Rev A or Ambient Light model, unscrew the case, the RAM will be on the right side in slots, and it will be very apparent how to remove it. When you install the new RAM, make sure to slide it in until it clicks.

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