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Hey guys. So everything was good with my 80GB iPod Classic until last night, when I connected it to sync a couple of songs on there. Then iTunes randomly gave me a message saying that my computer wasn't authorized to play some of the music I had in my library, and so the music wouldn't sync to my iPod. I know for a fact that this is untrue, because I have authorized the computer multiple times and I keep getting the same message. Even when I play the music on hte computer, it will play, and it still won't sync to the iPod. Anyone have any suggestions?


Dell Dimension 4300, Windows XP, 80GB iPod Classic
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    I'm curious as to why you'd have to re-authorize your computer "multiple times", sounds like something's wrong at the iTunes level. In any case, if you have re-authorized your computer and still can't sync purchased items to your iPod, then exit out of iTunes and maybe re-boot your computer and try again.

    If it still won't sync these songs (and the songs do play in iTunes) then do you have iTunes purchases from 5 other accounts loaded on your iPod? An iPod can only carry protected songs from 5 accounts.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    No, it's not like I have to re-authorize it multiple times. It's just that every time that I do, it still gives me the same error message. And no, I've only ever synced my iPod to one account, that being mine.

    The main thing about me having to re-authorize the computer is that about a month or month and a half ago, my father and I replaced the hard drive on our computer. We had to reload Windows and replace all of the programs we had on our computer, one of those being iTunes. So this computer that I'm using now has purchased music that I bought on the old hard drive, as well as purchased music/movies on the new hard drive. I discovered the whole re-authorizing process through reading around on apple.com.'

    Anyway, I'll keep that whole exit-and-reboot process in mind. I appreciate your help.

    In case that doesn't work though, does anyone else know something I could do?

    Thanks everyone.
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    how do you authorize your computer? I just purchased a tv ep and it's giving me the same thing - not authorized to view on this computer.

    I've purchased things before.
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    You may want to give this a try:

    Hope this helps,
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    I appear to be having the same problem. I have been updating my ipod (and iphone) for months. This evening I plugged in my ipod and it appears to go through the syncing process. I get a message:

    "Interactive Booklet - Stand Still, Look Pretty" was not copied to the iPod "Huck's iPod" because it cannot be played on this iPod"

    I click OK and I get:

    "Some of the items in the iTunes library, including "Lord Is It Mine", were not copied to the iPod "Huck's iPod" because you are not authorized to play them on this computer."

    In the bottom left corner the checklist contains "100 problems" and lists songs that I purchased on itunes as being "...not authorized to play on this computer".

    I "reauthorized" my computer and it did no good.

    I have over 40 albums in my country genre but only 4 of them show up on my iPod.
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    Try deleting your SC Info folder as outlined in the link on my post above.

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    I removed the SC folder, I restarted the PC, then I authorized the computer. I connected the iPod and got the same results listed in my previous message.

    Any other possibilities?