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troy1g Level 1 (0 points)
Beginner to logic
After setting my input volumes for both Voice and Guitar. I can't seem to get my metronome volume loud enough? Also is there an easy way to set the tempo? or how do I set tempo? When setting up a drum Track how do I add fills or differnt patterns.
Thanks so much for anyones help with these questions.

mac book pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • Eddie Eagle Level 3 (525 points)
    How do you listen to your guitar while recording? Software or direct monitoring?

    If you use software monitoring, turn down the mixer fader of the guitar and vocal buy some dB (in logic). Then raise the level of your headphone amp. This way the metronome will get louder. If you don't have a headphone amp you'll have to adjust the overall loudness of your macbook. If it is still not loud enough you might need another headphone or a headphone amp?
    There are also "metronome preferences" where you can adjust the level and the sound of the metronome but this might not be enough.

    If you use direct monitoring you have to adjust the levels in the mixer software of your audio-interface.

    You may also use a software instrument with a drum preset and create a quantized midi-click on that track (looped). This might sound louder or more articulated.

    Cheers Eddie
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    Hi troy1g

    To set the metronome volume you can control (or right mouse button) click on the Metronome button in the Transport. From the contextual menu select Metronome settings.

    In this window you can change the tonality and volume of the metronome. The tonality can make a big difference.

    To set the tempo double click on the tempo display in the transport bar and enter yur desired tempo in the text field.

    I'd recommend reading through the getting started manual for lots of this info.

    If you want a really comprehensive range of tutorials for logic 8 (from beginner to pro) take a look at www.macprovideo.com

    I'm a moderator on their forums so perhaps I'm a little biased, bit IMHO these are the best and most value for money tutorials for Logic available.