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Hiya i have a g4 mac mini that i havent used in ages but need to wipe the hd so i can sell it on. Unfortunately no longer have a monitor hence I now have a new imac.
My Q Is.. is it possible to use mt imac as a monitor for my mini if so how. have usb,firewire cables but no monitor one.

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    It is not posible to have an imac Display used as an aux. Display because The imac has no input for the mini at all.
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    If all you need to do is wipe the drive, then you can connect the mini and iMac with a suitable firewire cable, start the iMac as normal, then start the mini with the T key held down to put it into firewire target disk mode. It'll then appear as an external drive on the iMac's desktop and you can use Disk Utility to erase it. However, you can't install MacOS on the drive that way because you'd be installing an Imac version of the OS, since the iMac is hosting the drive as an external.

    To install MacOS, you will, in effect, require a monitor, keyboard and mouse, because even though you could use a remote access application such as VNC to log into the mini running headless from the iMac, that would only allow you to run the mini and initiate an OS install, because as soon as the mini rebooted at the start of the MacOS install, you'd have no more VNC contact, thus no way to know what was happening. Also, at the point the mini rebooted with it's MacOS install complete, you would have no way to connect to it to complete the setup.