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First off, I'm new to the mac world so my first question is... the marketing on Time Capsule seems to be way ahead of the release, is this typical for Apple or could it be they want to make sure Bonjour is fixed and actually works with Vista PC?

I'm having a nightmare with my iMac and PC laptop w/ Vista home network not being able to print and I'm hoping TC will solve this...but if Bonjour isn't fixed for Vista I'm guessing I'll be right back where I am now...


iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Dell Laptop with Vista Home
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    The reason for the long period of time between product announcement and product release for Time Capsule was probably nothing more than Apple wanting to make use of the early publicity generated by Macworld 2008.

    There is nothing wrong with how Bonjour works with Windows Vista, so there isn't anything Apple needs to "fix".

    If you are having problems with getting printing to work (with a printer connected to the Base Station), the most likely cause for the problem is that you are trying to use a printer that simply won't work properly when connected in such a manner. There are many printer makes/models that don't work, because the printer's hardware and/or the drivers provided by the printer manufacturer don't support it. If you can't get a printer to work with an existing Base Station, then it is all but guaranteed it won't work with the Time Capsule either.
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    See the "unofficial" printer/airport tips at
    It covers printing from Mac and Windows
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    I was told on another mac board there was issues with Bonjour and Vista Home.... regardless, it doesn't work here so it must be a PC problem - no surprise there!

    My printer (Canon MP600) was listed as compatible on the link provided,so again, it must just be something screwy with the PC - but try going on a PC board and get help with a problem related to a Mac network, yeah right! At least Mac users are nice!

    BTW, the printer works fine printing from the iMac...it's just the PC trying to print that doesn't work.

    Thanks for your input!

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    What exactly is the problem you are having with Bonjour? Is it that the PC is unable to "see" the printer connected to the Base Station? Or have you been able to set it up but print jobs don't seem to get sent, or if they do they don't get printed out?