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Some of us over on the SuperDuper! vendor's support forum have difficulty unmounting a FireWire disk to which a bootable backup of a Mac OS X Server volume has been cloned.

This never occurs when making a bootable backup of a regular Mac OS X client volume. Is there something peculiar to Mac OS X Server that would make it difficult to unmount when it resides on an external drive, and from which the Mac of course hasn't been booted, or made a share?

You can read all the gory details over there:

But the salient points are:

- Even if the drive is moved over to and mounted on a Mac booted from regular Mac OS X client, it will not unmount in the Finder or in Apple Disk Utility.

- Doing in Terminal:
sudo lsof | grep /Volumes/[volumeName]
... reveals that no processes are running from the offending drive.

- It's not SuperDuper! per se; even a clone done with Apple Disk Utility or Carbon Copy Cloner 3 behaves the same.

- One curiosity is that if the drive has been "touched" in a certain manner, it will unmount once & only once; thereafter following the next re-mount it resumes being unable to unmount. Those two circumstances are 1) right after the clone is performed, and 2) right after a Verify Disk Permissions is done on it in Apple Disk Utility.

Has anyone else actually encountered this inability to unmount a Mac OS X Server backup volume, and if so, were you ever able to identify the culprit?

Intel G5 tower, Mac OS X (10.4.11)