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I bought a Macbook Pro about a month and a half ago and about a week ago I realized that one of the keys "H" is not as evenly spaced out as the other keys. When I took it out to have a closer look at it, I realized that one of the 4 small pegs on the underside of the key is broken. I would like to get a new "H" key, is it covered by my one year warranty? Also, there isn't an Apple Store where I live, so is it possible for Apple to send me a key directly? Or do I have to go to the store where I bought the computer and ask them to contact Apple?

Macbook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Your best bets to order the keys are:




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    Thanks for replying.

    So basically Apple won't fix it for me? Preferably if I can use the warranty I would not want to spend any money on fixing it. It also makes me feel safer if Apple fixes it or sends me parts instead of buying them myself from a non-Apple dealer.

    If worst comes to worst, I will use that website! Thanks~
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    you can call apple but they may or may not cover it depending what they decide..(they could claim that it is user wear and tear)... i am not sure if they wold make you send the computer in to replace a key or if they would just mail you the piece.... if they do not cover it then there is a website [here|http://www.powerbookmedic.com/Powerbook-Keys-MacBook-Pro---Individual-Key -Keycap-p-16753.html] that you can order your key from.
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    For me, if it were just a key, I would replace it myself instead of taking it in for service and leaving it there.

    That said, you should have it repaired by Apple, but you will probably end up paying for it with all the time and grief involved in taking it to an Apple Store, which is not near in your case.

    Those online stores are very reputable, and they will deliver solutions to your front door!

    Either way, good luck with it!