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I played around with various combinations hoping that the various e-mails sent to Apple would shed some light on this stupid rendering problem.

I've not tried to actually burn a copy directly but then again I wouldn't use iDVD for that anyway, there are much better third party solutions for burning a DVD. Thus my attempt centered on just getting a VIDEO_TS folder created that could be watched by any DVD player on a MAC.

The solution as was hinted in some previous posts is that with iDVD v 7.0.1 you should ignore the version 7 themes. I've done most of the version 6.0 themes and they seem to work but haven't gone further back to version 5.0. What is clear is that NONE of the version 7.0 themes will render. A shame as I liked one in particular for a project I'm building, however I can't delay any further so I settled on a version 6 theme.

I hope this helps others who've faced this issue.


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