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Over some time now, I have been buying songs on my iPod's iTunes feature, and listening to them. But now that it has happened 6 different times, I want to put an end to this and find out where my songs went to.

I connect my iPod to my computer, and it syncs, as usual. But sometimes, I do not have a Purchased playlist anymore, and all the songs that I have bought are GONE from my iPod. I check my computer's library to see if they are there, and they aren't. Apple's support topic says iTunes makes a playlist for the songs, and stores them in Purchased too? BAH! Not even there. I run a FULL SEARCH on my computer, and what do I find? Nothing! iTunes has now cheaped me out of the last 23-or-so purchases I have made, and I am sick of it. Where CAN I FIND MY SONGS!?!?!

Compaq V5000, Windows XP, Laptop