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I cannot figure out how to take the autofill off of iTunes. I have read some stuff but can't find what they are telling to click on.


Dell, Windows XP
  • Robert Jacobson1 Level 4 Level 4 (2,420 points)
    Why do you want to turn it off?

    If you are having a problem changing something and you can't because it is autofilling it, I find that if you misspell the word (e.g. add a "z" at the beginning or something), you can then go back and change it.
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    Or, did you mean "auto-sync"? (i.e. automatically fill up your iPod?)
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    Someone told me that I need to do that in order for the songs to stay on my iPod after I delete them from my computer.
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    Bump. Anyone?
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    Did you already delete the songs from your computer?

    If not:
    1- Connect your iPod and let it do one last auto-sync.
    2- On the iPod summary page in iTunes, select the option "Manually manage music and video"
    3- Click on the "Apply" button at the bottom-right of iTunes.

    You should now be able to safely connect your iPod to your library (and any other) without it being emptied out.

    +If you have already deleted songs from your computer and your iPod is still set for auto-sync+, then your iPod will be emptied out (to match your library). So you need to prevent an auto-sync before changing to manual mode. To do that, connect your iPod to iTunes and immediately press and hold the Cntrl and Shift keys until your iPod appears in iTunes, then continue holding for a few seconds more. Be sure to hold the Cntrl and Shift keys! If you don't, your iPod will complete an auto-sync and get emptied out. Once you have the iPod recognized by iTunes, perform the 3 steps above to put it in manual.

    Just a comment -- if you're deleting the songs from your computer to save space, don't. The iPod is not meant to be the only source of your media files. All it takes is one little hiccup (which iPods can do) and all your music is lost. If space is a problem, invest in a larger hard drive or get an external drive for your computer.
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    Since you have an iPod shuffle, if you delete the songs from iTunes, they will be deleted from the iPod.
    You cannot change this.