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I wanted to share with you all a very unpleasant experience I am having with AT&T returns. I purchased the 8GB model unfortunately the day before the 16GB model was released. I called AT&T to return the phone and as described in their return policy I was eligible for a full refund. To make a long story short, I returned the unopened and unused phone promptly but was still charged a restocking fee! Several calls later, I am still without any explanation for this restocking fee.

I even just sat through a marathon session on hold with AT&T's returns department for over 2 hours waiting to speak with a supervisor. Despite the long wait, I was not able to get through to a supervisor. I called back and explained the situation to yet another representative who waited 20 minutes before letting me know me that the supervisor was too busy to deal with this issue.

I find it amusing what great lengths a multi-billion dollar company will go to scam its customers out of such a paltry sum. Lesson be learned, avoid the AT&T web store at all costs and maybe I can spare you some of my bad fortune.

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  • Randy Fast Level 4 Level 4
    why did you not just ask about the restocking fee in the store when you returned it?
  • dcompiled Level 1 Level 1
    I unfortunately purchased the item through the AT&T web store. They deceive you into thinking you can purchase the iPhone through their website without tax. And for those of you who weren't aware, they'll charge you the tax anyway.

    I was told by AT&T to return it to any retail location so I went to an Apple Store on 5th Ave. in Manhattan but they refused to refund me. So I used the return label that was emailed to me and mailed it back to them.

    Avoid using the AT&T web store, purchase your iPhone in person. AT&T does not hold up their end of the return policy which you are all encouraged to read here:

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    Good thing about Apple UK and UK carriers, they never charge a restocking fee!

    It's either a simple replacement or a simple refund!
  • adamguy Level 1 Level 1
    Everything makes more sense in Europe!
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    Exactly why I refuse to give cellphone stores my money. I specifically purchased my iPhone from an Apple store (and would have through the online Apple store had there not been one around) because of Apple's customer service reputation, and the abysmal experiences I've had with cellphone stores in the past. Before the iPhone I purchased most all of my phones through Amazon.

    Apple has always been great about refunding money on returns, or on products with price changes in my experience in the past (even going beyond the 30 days they state in their policies).
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    Did you try your credit card company? I'd see about disputing the original charge and see if that gets their attention.
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    calling your credit card company is agood idea - i bought a product (non Apple) that had a supposed 30 day refund policy - but when i went to return it they told me the 30 day policy didnt apply because they gave me a $50 discount - i called my credit card company - 2 days later the company i bought the product from clled me up and said they would "make an exception" in my case and refund my money
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    Just curious? how well is AT&T service?

    i want to buy Iphone and am wondering if AT&T is truly good?

    please answer...
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    I've had AT&T for 6 years.

    From AT&T to Cingular and back to AT&T.

    I've always had good experiences with them. We've called with a few issues and they were always resolved without issue. Recently my wife bought a new phone that went down in price within 2 weeks and they credited our account the difference.

    Also, she went over on Text messages one month and they also credited the overage for that one month (she also upgraded the package as well).

    Overall, I've been very happy -- but like most big companies your milage will vary.
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    How do they "deceive" you about sales tax. If you have AT&T brick and mortar stores in your state (which there are) you are charged sales tax. If you had bought it from the Apple Online Store you also would have been charged sales tax.

    Before you finalized your purchase it showed your total cost, including the sales tax, which you had to approve. (I've purchased from their online store recently and it displayed the amount of sales tax for Texas). As far as the restocking fee, keep asking for a manager every time you are told no.
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    ATT iphone return policy is as follow, you have 14days, to return the iphone, if the plastic, that covers the phone is intact, there is NO RESTOCKING FEE!!! I know this because I work for a corporate ATT Store, now if you buy a phone from the ATT website you can take it to any Corporate own store, for a full refund or exchange, no question asks, so if the web store is charging you with a restoking fee is problably a- they are assuming you open the box, or b-is past your 14days grace period.
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    Hmmm.. i work in the so-called "web store" at AT&T. The policy as i know is as follows.
    Rules and Restrictions

    Re-Stocking Fees:

    Re-stocking fees may apply for both Exchanges or Returns
    Equipment must be in like-new condition with no visible damage.
    Apple Branded Equipment (14 day return policy)
    Devices with external cellophane intact are eligible for refund.
    Devices where the external cellophane has been broken will be charged a 10% re-stocking fee.
    Returns must have all original equipment.

    So you received the phone, had it for a day, and did not break the cellophane? I'm not doubting you. Just curious.
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    First of all you think the website will not charge you tax???? You live in America almost everything is taxed.

    I would have questioned the restocking fee at the store. After thing would be ot buying online. Get in a car and drive to the store......

    F.Y.I. ATT has one of the best customer service departments. If you were being an as* then they may take it out on you.. You get what you give...
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