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yes i play runescape....
But anyway it wont load, after i choose world the go in screen wont load!
Iv tried safari, firefox, Internet explorer (mac), and Netscape (mac).
It was always working perfectly before, but now it dosent work, i cant remember installing anything or updating anything right before it stopped working, it just stopped working one day.
When im on safari its a whit screen with a little box with an X in the top left hand corner.
and in firefox its just a white screen, and at the bottom on the firefox window it says applet not loaded or something.

by the way, runescape uses java.

iMac G5 intel, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.16 GHz, 1GB memory
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    Maybe something at [RunScape Forums>Tech Support>Mac Troubleshooting Guide|http://forum.runescape.com/forums.ws?25,26,923,37376516] will help you!

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    Weal it didn't help me, but this poste under -Frequent Problems and how to fix them-
    had my problem.

    +2. When loading the RuneScape game, you may get a white box with a little red X on a document symbol in the top left of the box. This is a failed classloader (if you care enough you can find out the exact string in the Java console) and can be fixed by closing Safari and reopening it with the default settings.+

    This is my problem, but i cant understand how he says to fix it, if he dose at all.
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    Can anyone help me please??!!