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Help! I've been trying to restore and sync my iTunes and 30GB 5th Gen. Ipod after my computer stopped letting me open the files from the shortcuts, to no avail. I have gone to the iTunes website and tried to update iTunes, but it only gets so far in the file transfer before it stops and sends a message that it can't find the "iTunes.msi" file to finish cleaning out the old files. I can now open iTunes if I put a CD in to import, but I get no recognition of the iPod when I plug it in, and I've used all 3 of my USBs. I get a screen asking what action I would like to take, but opening the files in iTunes is not an option. I just want to get everything working again so I can download some new music! How can I find or restore the "iTunes.msi" file the computer is looking for, and what do I do if it is completely gone on my computer????

Toshiba PC, Windows XP