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I have a powerbook G4 12 inch (sorry i cant tell you if its aluminum/titanium) with a big problem. When i am working without the power adapter, my battery will drop to about 60% or 50%, and then fall asleep without warning due to battery loss. One day this happened to me, i decided to see how long it'd sleep for. Turns out that after about 1.5 weeks, it finally dies. This is very annoying because i could possibly use it for another 3 hrs or whatever. I have a macbook (intel core duo) and no problems there, but they arent the same computer, any help is appreciated, and F.Y.I. I have googled it.

Macbook, Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    All 12-inch PowerBooks are the aluminum line. There were no Titanium 12-inch models. Plus, the Titaniums are the older line prior to the aluminum and had a different design, with a transparent-ish black keyboard while the aluminums all had silver keys.

    So, the help with your posting may come from a previous one of mine:


    Also, I believe it is time for a new battery (replace the one you have) since that is a classic case of a battery over its lifespan. Batteries do not last forever, especially rechargeable ones, as most people are led to believe. (Not by Apple).
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    Thanks, i have thought to do that, but with a new battery price being so high, especially for an older model, i'm gonna use my macbook for on the go, i was only wondering b/c i might try to sell it, please, no offers. If you have any other suggestions that might help, please leave them, but if not, thanks for the info