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Hi there,

I just sent my old laptop to my dad, with a fresh install of Tiger so he can connect, setup, and pull his old info off the old computer. He doesn't have access to high speed internet, so I need to copy the software updates to CD for him. (Updater http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/macosxupdate1042combo.html)

I downloaded the 10.4.2 Combo Updater and we seem to have a problem. First, it won't mount. It reports an "Invalid Checksum" which following the directions for Sha1 checksums in terminal gives me the following checksum:


But its supposed to have checksum of

I have tried to download it a couple of times, and it keeps giving me the same problems. Obviously, I don't want him to install this update if the checksum fails, but ... at the same time, it came from Apple, right? It can't be ... well I guess it could be.

Does anyone know (a) if this is actually the right file and since my computer has been updated to 10.4.2 it can't read the old checksum -- or (b) the right file is somewhere else and I should download it.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone has.