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*Problems covered:*
-> ambient light sensor not working at all
-> light sensor only works for keyboard illumination but not for display brightness
-> light sensor only works for display brightness but not for keyboard illumination
-> keyboard illumination works the wrong way round (ie. gets dimmed when room darkens)

-> after migrating an existing user account from another Mac
-> may occur on freshly installed MacBook Air with no account migration
-> after wake from sleep

-> create a new user account named "test" with password "test"
-> make sure this user is allowed to administer the computer
-> log out and then log in as user "test"
-> open the Terminal and type this one line command:

*sudo cp ~/Library/Preferences/ /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Preferences/*

-> replace "YOURUSERNAME" with the short account name of the problem account
-> enter the admin password ("test") which will not be shown
-> log out and log in again using your own account
-> you may now delete the user account "test" if you want to

The ambient light sensor will now work properly on both the display and keyboard.

*How to test if your ambient light sensor is operating properly:*
-> make sure you are in a well lit (full daylight) room
-> make sure you enable "Automatically adjust brightness" in the Displays system preferences
-> make sure you enable "Illuminate keyboard in low light conditions" in the Keyboard system preferences
-> set display brightness to max using the F2 key
-> set keyboard brightness to max using the F6 key
-> hold your hand over the tiny holes to the left of the iSight camera
-> the screen will now slowly dim and the keyboard will now slowly light up

*Bug remaining:*
When putting the MacBook Air to sleep in a well lit room, and then waking in a dark room, the keyboard illumination will work the wrong way round. This should be solved by Apple in a future software update.

You can work around this by always waking and sleeping your MacBook Air in a well lit room.

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