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I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to export to a .mpg file. The place i will be sending this will only accept a .mpg or .mpeg. (so using the mp4 or anythings else is out of the question.
Does anyone know any way to export to a MPG file? (or other software to convert it?)

I have tried just changing the extension name from mp4 to mpg on my file and it seems to play file for me, but i'm not sure if this will play for them.
i know that this is not encouraged.

oi oi. what a pain. any help is much appreciated!


macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    What kind of mpeg are you trying to export to?

    The standard format of a DVD is mpeg2. Why not use that?
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    I'm actually trying to export to MPG too so I can load clips on to my site, which runs Gallery2. The FFMPEG graphics toolkit only supports thumbnails for the following MIME types: video/mpeg (mpg mpeg mpe), video/x-flv (flv), video/x-ms-asf (asf), video/x-ms-wmv (wmv), video/x-msvideo (avi).

    The AVI files look horrible, and the WMV files only get about 30 seconds or so in (plus a few other issues - that's MS for ya :)). I have Gallery set to assign a default thumbnail for .MOV and .MP4, but it'd be really nice to have the thumbnail taken from the clip.
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    Apple's Compressor has an mpeg-1 and 2 setting, but I've never used it. Your issue with Flip4Mac is that you are using it in trial mode. Only gives you 30 seconds, plus, sometimes, adds a watermark.
    Another thing I have not tried is a conversion site HERE, but I don't know what their limitations are. If anyone on this thread uses it, post back with how it worked.
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    I did figure out the WMV issue with Flip4Mac after reading a few more threads after I posted the question.

    I tried the conversion site but both attempts (one to convert to MPG and one to WMV) produced a clip that started out gray for the first 5 seconds. I have a 7 second title screen that has a black background and turquoise text - both look really gray for 5 seconds before it clicks into full color. The original MP4 looks fine.

    I don't have Final Cut/Compressor, so I may have to pay for the Flip4Mac upgrade.
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    BTW - sorry for taking over your thread, OP. Hopefully my questions help you out too!